More Than a Teacher

More Than a Teacher’s developmental model consists of four key elements:

We Learn

Weekly workshops are facilitated by a variety of experts from different fields to promote continuous learning as the teaching profession changes. Topics covered include: how to promote critical thinking, child safety, developing individual teaching philosophy, social emotional learning and enhancement of IT skills among other things.

We Teach

Pre-service teachers spend 30 to 40 hours per week in the classroom under an assigned mentor’s or mentors’ supervision. Stepping into the role of a teacher and being able to link the theory with the practical.

We Study

Pre-service teachers register with higher education institutions (e.g. UNISA, Stadio, UJ or NWU) for long-distance accredited academic progression to complete a qualification in teaching. MTAT’s role is to provide constant academic support and facilitate peer learning. Professional assistance in writing skills, effective completion of assignments and exam preparation are among many interventions that are put into place to provide additional support.

We Serve

Key to the process is to foster social consciousness and establish an understanding of community development challenges as well as social issues confronted in an African and global context. Pre-service teachers are expected to volunteer at partner community organisations and/or schools.

We are committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Teaching Is a Powerful Tool for Social Change